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Which platform should i choose for my future online store?

The choice of an e-commerce platform is not an easy one because it's the foundation of your future online store and will not likely be changed often, therefore it’s utmost important to take the right decision. We use for most of our e-commerce projects Ubercart - a robust and tightly integrated with Drupal content management system modular solution  to promote and sell online. Compared to the competition, Ubercart is feature rich, offers a clean API for development  and is the recomended choice for our customers.
We also consider Drupal Commerce as a fast growing e-commerce alternative which offers easy handling on the backend and a right number of features to run a small or medium sized online stores.
Magento commerce platform got a considerable growth over the past few years and is now an excellent choice for online commerce to consider. Magento comes packed with some realy cool advanced features and a great potential for the future. The only thing that can stop you here is the high hosting demands compared to Ubercart and Drupal Commerce.

Do you offer a website administration documentation and support for my new website?

After the successful completion of your project we'll send you a printable guide for easy administration of your website content and everyday tasks such as creation and content editing, comment managment, user management, etc.
We offer 2 months of free technical support with every new website we've created and support plans to choose from after the end of your free website support period.

Is my new website going to be optimised for search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing and do you offer SEO and submission services?

We make every website as search engine friendly as possible, ensuring that your new website, once submitted, will be ranked by search engines prominently. Without SEO optimisation of your content for specific keywords, without submission to major search engines and good backlinks from other sites and web directories you cannot expect to hit the front page of Google. That's why we offer a separate SEO service which will help your website to generate constant traffic, thus, establishing your company’s credibility and reputation.

How long it takes to design and develop a website?

There is not an easy answer  for this question because  we're not mass producing similar products here.
Every site we've build is unique and the requirements were different. We can, however, give you the following estimates as a base for considaration:

  • Small website (5 to 10 pages) with no dynamic features takes between 5 to 10 days.
  • A blog or forum with custom features and theming takes up to 20 days. 
  • Medium and high complexity website with advanced features takes between 20 to 30 days.
  • An online e-commerce store can take between 20 to 40 days.

What are the benefits of choosing your design services?

We provide professional graphic design services to our clients since 1999, having great experience working on design sectors such as retail, corporate, government bodies and non profit organisations. Your company will benefit from having experienced designers and advertising specialists applying working marketing and design solutions to answer your specific needs.
Some of the most common graphic and print design solutions include brand logo / visual identity creation, design of brochures, leaflets and flyers, packaging design, design of business cards and other corporate identity materials you will need to develop your sucessful company image.

What do you need to start working on my logo design, corporate/brand/product identity and how i will be involved in the design/production process?

Before we start working on your corporate/brand/product identity or logo design, we need to discuss in details your project. We can discuss your requirements online or in our office. We strongly encourage you to contribute with ideas and examples of items and colours you like or you don't like.
It's important for us to understand what you like, what's specific for your business, what's to be avoided.
When we decide that we have gathered enough information about your project, we will begin working by doing researches, later on considering concepts and finally laying out the visuals that will be send to you for feedback.
We'll listen carefully to your feedback and make the necessary changes to the design layouts, if needed, and this can be repeated until we come with the final designs.

Do you also provide printing and delivery services or you offer only graphic and print design services?

We offer a full solution from graphic and print design to printing and final product delivery. We can, of course do just the graphic design part, or the graphic design and print design work and deliver you print ready designs. It's up to you to commission us for one or another task depending on your specific project needs.

Do you do business cards & stationеry design?

We offer full brand management service and we can design and print all your companies stationеry in any format and quantity you may need. You can also commission us for your online stationеry needs such as emails or newsletters.

When and why do i need 3D Graphics design for my project?

Inteligent usage of 3D graphics can help in the creation of a distinctive brand identity and are a cost effective way to visualize products for advertising or before their actual production. 3D animation is indispensable for demonstration of functionalities for products, working stages of different kinds(for ex. the building stages for a new commercial store)  and to give new dimention in advertising shorts for the digital medias.
We create and use 3D graphics and animation for many of our clients projects- from visualizations of architectural projects, 3D logo design and different products to small to medium complexity CG animations.

I would like to visualize my future product or logo in 3D, what should i do?

As all other design works, first we have to discuss your requirements and expectations. If you have a design brief or a storyboard, it will be a good starting point. We'll need all the information regarding your project such as product dimentions and imagery for products, vector graphics for 3D logo design, technical drawings in apropriate format for architectural visualizations, storyboards, audios and design sheets for animations.

Can you just do the 3D model for me, i think i can handle the rest.

Yes, we can do only the 3D modeling work for you and deliver the 3D design in the desired format you need. If there are specific needs about your 3D model such as limited number of polygons or you need a character setup made in a specific software format such as 3DS MAX, Maya or Softimage, we'll need futher directions before we can start working on your project.

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What do you need to start working on my logo design, corporate/brand/product identity and how i will be involved in the design/production process?
Do you offer a website administration documentation and support for my new website?
Which platform should i choose for my future online store?
What are the benefits of choosing your design services?